Humidification for Tea Industries


For tea growth and making quality tea, humid climate is a must. And for the right relative humidity level or to minimize the moisture loss from the tea leaves, a humidification system for tea industry is required. Cloud Tech India is a trusted player when it comes to find humidification system to minimize the moisture loss from the tea leaves. At Cloud Tech India, we set the standard to ensure efficient energy, hygienic solutions, high performance delivery and reducing maintenance by integrating modern features and technologies.

We also ensure a high humidity level of 90 to 95% for oxidation regardless of outside conditions, which leads to reduced leaf discoloration and reduced wastage but higher yield. Besides these, we allow pre-fermentation humidification which further decreases the drying of broken edges.

As a renowned name in the industry for our improved quality of humidification systems, we make sure that our humidification systems are available with high pressure fogger, which is capable to in create super fine fog, and consume less electricity.

Salient Features of our systems

  • No clogging and leakage, no blocking
  • Fresh air intake & maintenance free
  • Effective Cooling without wetting
  • Effective Humidification (Upto- 95%)
  • Water and air mixed atomization
  • Auto control system with sensors
  • Stable and suitable indoor environment
  • Large spraying volume, long- lasting

Humidification for Tea Industries
Humidification for Tea Industries

Our Technology

The Cloud Tech India system is designed to use super fine water, filtered, pumped and compressed air at 3 bar pressure. It is passed through PU pipes to Cloud Misters, which is one of the main components of the system. These Cloud Misters are kept at various places on a few distances along the pipe. These misters that have 4 nos of atomizing nozzles then create water into billions of micron (1- 2 microns) sized particles which cool the surrounding air, and increase its relative humidity without wetting