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Humidification System For Tea Industries

Tea plantation needs a humid climate and the right relative humidity level is necessary to convert the picked leaves into tea during its processing stage. During the process of oxidation, which is called fermentation, a careful control over humidity is essential. This process provides just the right conditions for the polyphenols in withered leaves to develop into the thearugibins, theaflavins and other compounds that gives Black tea, Pouchong and oolongs its characteristic colour and flavour. If leaves dry, the process of oxidation slows down as water is required for the process. An ambient relative humidity of 95-98%RH at 20-26°C is the basic requirement for oxidation, and even a small drop in humidity level will affect the process, affecting the overall productivity.

Cloudtech’s humidification for Tea industries ensures a high humidity level of 95-98% for oxidation, irrespective of the outdoor conditions. Uniform humidification ensures reduced leaf discolouration and spotting which implies reduced wastage & higher yield. And pre-fermentation humidification reduces the drying of broken edges. Cloudtech is renowned for its improved quality of humidification systems in the industry. These humidification systems are available with high pressure fogger which are efficient in creating super fine fog, and consuming less electricity.

Foging System

We trading and supplying Misting and Humidification Nozzles to deliver water particles sized for evaporation and a fog / mist that evaporates and does not wet the surrounding area. Nozzles are constructed a combination of brass body & stainless steel head and are provided in a variety of flow rates based on operating pressure.

Our range of Misting Nozzles is used in many commercial and industrial applications. These are used in areas where artificially managed humidity, temperature and air exchange levels are required. Their use enhances the operation and thereby play a key role in the development of the company or entity or individual farmers.

Areas :

  • Open air restaurant
  • Patios
  • Swimming pools
  • Water bodies
  • Gardens
  • Terrace gardens

Advantages :

  • Available with high pressure fogger
  • Efficient in creating ultra fine fog
  • Less electricity consuming

Scope of fogging system :

  • Pool Water features
  • Landscaping
  • Outdoor cooling
  • Industrial cooling