Outdoor Cooling System Solution

   About Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. founded in 2005, is a comprehensive environmental management company in India for delivering high quality environment and refreshing solutions. We offer advanced solutions based on latest technologies for diverse requirements of residential, commercial, industrial premises.

  Range of services:

  •  Evaporative cooling
  • Fogging systems
  • Dust suppression system
  • Odour Control System
  • Humidification systems
  • Mosquitoes and Pests Control systems among others

Over the last many years, research and development has kept Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. environment solutions as a front runner in every industry that requires cooling, humidifying, dust suppression, odor control etc. Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. Systems (Mechanical Environmental Controls) designs and manufacturers environmental control systems that cool, humidify, reduce dust and odours. The systems can also be used to reduce the risk of explosions and fire. Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. trademarked products are used worldwide in many industries and applications, including dust suppression in sawmills, humidification, cooling for outdoor patios, poultry farms, zoos, theme parks and special effects. Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. currently has different systems operating in almost every part on India.

   Our Philosophy

In the name of our children and our children’s children, we will manufacturer products that will not harm our environment. They will be products made from natural materials that pose no threat to our country’s ecology and fauna. They will care for the well- being of human kind, the home, and the environment.

We will provide opportunity for people who share our concern to join our endeavours.

   Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd.: EXPERTISE & TEAM

Since, the requirements of every sector are different, we have the facility to custom make these systems and implement the specifications as provided by the customer. Our experienced technical staff will gladly guide you through the process of design, purchase and installation of a system for your particular application, be it commercial, industrial or residential.

We are well-equipped with a capacious factory unit, which comprises of all the requisite resources for productive manufacturing. Our factory consists of the best machines and testing equipment, all of which are technically advanced. It is because of our sound infrastructural facility that we have attained high quality standards in our production process. This enables us to come up with defect-free and high-precision systems. Our infrastructure is well segregated into various units, which include production unit, design unit, quality assessment unit, R&D unit and others.

Our design unit is equipped with the latest software that enables us to come up with the most innovative techniques for various solutions. Working with us is a team of experts, which assists us in all our endeavours at each and every step. With their help, we are able to meet the specific demand of customers worldwide. Our team members are professionally trained in their respective areas. All our professionals hold in-depth knowledge about this industry and are well-versed with the quality standards, which enables them to deliver the best range.

Our team includes the following :

  • Engineers
  • Production Managers
  • Quality Controllers Supervisors
  • R & D Personnel
  • Technicians
  • Skilled and Semi-Skilled Workers