Cloud Tech founded in 2005, is a comprehensive environmental management company in India for delivering high quality environment and refreshing solutions.

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About us

Cloud Tech is one of the leading ecological regularised companies in India. It provides Odor Control System with a view to make the environment fresh and echo-friendly. The company customizes the best odor-removing solutions for industrial, commercial and residential sites. Our odor control system is assembled based on high-tech technology by experts for treating odors at sewage pumps, reducing dust, lessening humidity and lowering down the temperature.

Cloud Tech company has been providing customer-centric services since its inception in 2005 and today it has become one of the prominent industry leaders. Our experts are committed to designing a number of proven solutions to mitigate odor problems and maintain a fresh and fog-free environment. At Cloud Tech, you can get a wide spectrum of solutions for odor control, cooling, moistening, dust suppression etc. Our company develops many products such as:

  • Fogging System
  • Misting System
  • Mini Misting System
  • Dust Suppression system
  • Humidification System
  • Odor Control System
  • Live Herbal Life Style
  • Herbal Room Freshener

All our trademarked products and services are crafted for the diverse industries and applications such as humidification, dust suppression in sawmills, cooling for outdoor squares, theme parks, poultry farms, zoos, and special effects. Cloud Tech provides different systems operating in almost every part on India.

Key Highlights of Our Products

The well-equipped products are user-friendly and echo-friendly. They are pre-engineered systems and easy to install. Due to their low-maintenance cost and give optimum result, our technicians are renowned for providing the best solutions in the industry and Cloud Tech has earned an immense popularity around the world and shows its significant presence to maintain the environmental worst condition.