Odor Control System

Odor Control - Odor Control System

Cloud Tech is the leading brand serving the best range of Odor control system in India. We are providing the system that is designed primarily to help eliminate the odor issues in different areas. These systems are applicable in the spaces or say the locations such as hospitals, parks, residential areas, factories, commercial, etc. These are functioned by waste treatment bodies like municipalities, etc.

Odor can be a reason for many severe problems. The odor control system in India is a novel approach to control the pollution of several types. These odor control systems are used in the water treatment plants like sewage, chemical factories and many more to get rid of various worst smells and intoxicated air. The main reason or say the cause of these bad odors is due to the pollutants evaporating and getting mixed with water. This, in turn, is creating a problem for the areas nearby homes or the corporate. We have designed various types of odor control system like chemical, biological, carbonic, etc in order to reduce the stink toxic waste which can be harmful to the environment.


  • These systems are used to treat odors from the soil, air, and water.
  • This helps in treating the bad smell.
  • This helps in providing the naturally fresh air.
  • We are helping in protecting the environment from various rodents and insects.
  • This finally aims at killing the germs, virus, molds, etc.
  • We are making the system that helps in the elimination of harmful gas which can affect the ecosystem and ozone layer.
Odor Control

Industries :-
Wastewater Treatment Landfill Transfer Stations Compost Trashrooms Public Indoor Area
Food Processing Sludge Restaurant Farming Petrochemical Pulp & Paper
Asphalt Distilleries Oil & gas Refineries Industries Hospitals
Applications :-
Solid Waste Waste Water Industrial Commercial

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