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Outdoor Mosquitoes Control


We are the only company in the world that uses Natural essential oils formulation which is non toxic, biodegradable, very safe for humans. The solution is not only efficacious but also the most economical solutions available in the world. People who like to remain healthy and are sensitive to the environment safeguards find refuge or partner with Cloud Tech.

Nowadays, vector and insect control is being done by ‘Cell Penetration’ technology, by use of chemicals. However, traditionally, the natives used natural plants and saps to repel the insects or kill them. The technology used was that of ‘receptor binding’ as opposed to ‘cell penetration’. The basic advantage of receptor binding technology is that insects do not develop resistance, also the natural ingredients had a very short half life, apart from being non-toxic. Man in his ambitious stride for his prosperity stomped all the Natural derivatives and went on to synthesise formulations which are highly toxic and harmful to humanity and nature, apart from having a large half life. Polyethelene, Pyrethroids and Nicotinoids are examples of creations of ambitious human minds in search of great revolutionary profits at the cost of Nature.

We at Cloud Tech idealise Nature and promote only solutions for Outdoor Mosquitoes Control which are derivatives of Nature, to control insects in the nature. We are with the best R & D company in India for getting extensively tested products in the field of Insect, Agri and Horti Pest control and Odour control field.

Outdoor Mosquitoes Control


Cloud Tech. is working for Outdoor Mosquitoes Control using its special design for active screening can screen the commercial building House hold, gardens, open spaces ,Terraces by physically putting up a system of spraying equipment, which would automatically dispense a screen of non-toxic oil blend (SIE-20) around the building which would prevent the entry of Mosquitoes into the building and also most other insects like flies etc. This would also contain properties of non- toxic odour masking agents. It is done by single or multi stage belting of specialized Micronisers connected with high pressure nylon tubings, serviced by High Pressure Unidirectional Impeller system (HPUI). The active is emulsified in water and dispersed using this system. These systems are in use in various farm houses and five star hotels.

SIE-20, after extensive experimentation and rigorous trials in the most mosquito vector infested areas in India and having been confirmed totally safe and effective has already been introduced in India.

Cloud Tech oil concentrate are atomized as fine mist or vaporized and mitigate Mosquitoes residing in that area by air contact. Special equipment is required to atomize or vaporize the Oils into the air, enabling the essential oil molecules to get in contact with mosquitoes. This may be applied in either indoor or outdoor application.

The Cloud Tech system injects a mixture of essential oils and water into the air (at 2%), since the liquid is atomized into billions of small water droplets, the water quickly evaporates leaving the product to attack the mosquitoes.

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