Evaporative Cooling System

Evaporative Cooling System - Outdoor Cooling System Solution

When we roam around the beach side, we generally feel that the cool breeze is flowing all around. What happens is that when the water in the seas and the oceans gets evaporated in the air and it gets attached with the blowing air then the air gets cooler and because we can’t always stay on the sea side therefore we uses the ducted evaporative cooling system.

How does it function at home?

An evaporative cooling system is comprised of a central cooling system which is again connected to a series of outlets throughout the space at your homes. This system draws the hot air inside the houses and passes it from the water soaked wet pads. As and when that hot air coming from outside passes through the pads , the water starts getting evaporated and thus it helps in lowering the temperature of that air. The fan attached to these systems then helps in pushing the cool air through the ducts and in the home.

Evaporative Cooling System

The air which gets out of the cooling systems then needs to get recirculated so it requires the open windows for the cross ventilation. This will help in maintaining the air at your home fresh as the air will now get changed every minute due to the circulation. In this way, it will help the people to get cooler air in the beat heat summer.

Evaporative Cooling System
Significantly lowers ambient temperature. Eliminates dust, pollens and flying insect. Versatile, flexible. Easy to install.
Low energy cost. High efficiency. Economic advantages
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