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Misting System

High Pressure Misting System in India

A clouding framework can be characterized as a progression of moistening spouts that are put in a tubing and pressurized to give a fine shower, generally with beads between 15 microns and 50 microns in measure. To achieve this, the fog framework requires weight of no less than 500 psi. The business standard for most clouding frameworks is 1000 psi. On the off chance that the fog framework is working at weights beneath 500 psi, it will deliver bigger beads and result in wasteful cooling. A misting system is basically designed for cooling. It’s appropriately designed for extremely effective humiliation. This systems is essentially used for the evaporation which is required. Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. is serving you the matchless solution for dominating the flow of water in a large manner. And the most innovative mist cooling technology in the market. Intended for mechanical Mist cooling framework - the VFD CPRO Mist cooling framework module accommodates exact answers for conditions of medium and vast measurement. Cloud Tech has outlined and fabricates CPRO Mist cooling framework utilizing highest innovation to fulfill any extraordinary needs in the Mist cooling part.


For the most part, for yard cooling, the moistening frameworks configuration will incorporate putting the high weight fog line on every open side of the porch. The moistening framework will work most proficiently if there are no open sides of the yard where hot air can enter the porch. The fog framework lines ought to be put on the external most border of the yard at a stature of no less than 9 feet with the spouts divided each 24 to thirty six inches. By doing this, the majority of the water from the clouding framework can dissipate which gives the most ideal cooling. At times, the moistening framework may incorporate the utilization of fans to help flow the cooled air.
Here are a bit of the momentous features of our improvement which is recorded underneath:-
  • Accessible fogger with high pressure
  • Highly systematic for creating ultra-fine fog.
  • Barely electricity consuming.

  • Features :-
    Apt in achieve control on temperature Energy saver Very easy to operate
    High Pressure Misting System in India

    Fogging System

    The Fog Cooling System which provide by Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd. offer dynamic solution for uncomfortably warm situation and for create visual effects of fog. These are very efficient and effectual in providing outdoor cooling and can also exactly increase humidity levels in the necessary areas. These can be purchase with the required features as per the client demands and their needs.

    Misting System Solution in India

    Features :-
    Available with high pressure fogger Efficient in creating ultra fine fog Less electricity consuming

    Scope of fogging system :-
    Pool Water features Landscaping Outdoor cooling Industrial cooling
    Areas :-
    Open air restaurant Patios Swimming pools Water bodies Gardens Terrace gardens

    Intelligent Misting System India


    Model: VFD CPRO Mist Cooling System

    The Most Innovative Mist Cooling Technology in the Market

    Designed for industrial Mist cooling system - the VFD CPRO Mist cooling system module provides for precise solutions for environments of medium and large dimension. Cloud Tech has designed and manufactures CPRO Mist cooling system using upmost technology to satisfy any special needs in the Mist cooling sector.

    The main features of this product line are its compactness, its high energy efficiency and a structural. The use of this product is therefore targeted at professional users who need to manage a significantly large flow of water for Mist cooling system and require an operational continuity of 24 hrs X 365 days. With VFD feature same system can be used with multiple line without bypass of water and diminish the effect of back pressure due to nozzles chocking.

    High Pressure Misting System in India
    Industries :-
    Temperature and Humidity Program Professional Variable Frequency drive Online pressure transmitter Low seed “H” class motors.
    Lowest noise- 50 db Low voltage control Phase failure preventer Dry run sensor controller
    Cloud Tech pumps PPRC model with no over heating Soft touch panel for RH, Temperature and Timer control Module Built in temperature control fan. Control via LAN, phone, laptop, PC, tablet
    Digital Cycling Timer High flow rate with maximum working pressure of 150 bars. Digital alarms with display warning sent by SMS or email

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