Misting System

High Pressure Misting System in India

Cloud Tech India Pvt Ltd. is a renowned company, engaged in providing Misting System & High Pressure Misting System also known as fogging system or fog or spray cooling. Our system is a fantastic solution for outdoor misting method. It lets you moisten spouts. The system is in tubing and pressurized to give a sufficient shower, generally with beads between 15 microns and 50 microns in measure. It is the right option for a nice, cool, breezy summer day.

The high pressure misting systems supplied by us feature to cool outdoor temperatures and creating a long and comfortable day outside. They can reduce dust levels to a great extent that come along with the summer months and odors that can arise. For this, the mist systems need weight of no less than 500 psi. At Cloud Tech Pvt. Ltd, we have designed misting systems to create cool weather. These machines are very effective for ensuring the best humiliation and evaporation. They are very simple and easy to install. They come with stainless steel or nylon pipes, a pump and spray nozzles.

How Misting Systems Work

  • Water is forced through very small nozzles
  • It creates a fine mist. shower or a very fine fog
  • It cools the air by evaporating droplets of water
  • It cools everyone around and can cool you coarser mist
  • Highly systematic for creating ultra-fine fog
  • Accessible fogger with high pressure
  • High Pressure Misting System in India

    Fogging System

    The misting systems work with evaporative cooling and allow natural cooling effect. They are perfect to work in dry water. They work perfectly in humid weather. They feature to decrease dust and odors in the area. They can also regulate humidity that is terrific for greenhouses, courtyards, atriums. They can cool you without getting you wet.

    Besides, our misting systems are designed to use low, medium or high water pressures. They also come with large spray nozzles. If you want to create a fog-like mist that can evaporate before it is likely to get anything wet, it is advisable to choose a tiny spray nozzles.

    Misting System
    Misting System

    Intelligent Misting System


    High Pressure Misting System in India
    Misting System

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