Smog Tower System

  • Smog Tower System

Anti Smog Tower


Are you looking for Smog Tower? Find here the best solution for the same offered by Cloud Tech India at affordable price. Another new development occurred in the realm of innovation so as to conquer the issue of air contamination and make the air breathable once more. This new advancement is as a pinnacle which can be planted in the open fields or spaces and aides in wiping out the contamination to the region of 1,600 m2 around it. This is known as Smog Tower which is furnished with condition neighborly and protected positive ionization innovation that cleans 30,000 m3 surrounding air for each hour with the least vitality utilization of approx. 1400 watts.

This pinnacle works so that it helps in lessening approx. 94% of the airborne particulate issue. It changes the fine and ultrafine dust particles into the coarse residue. This gadget is structured as a pinnacle in such a way, that like a vacuum, it sucks up the exhaust cloud present in the climate from the top and afterward discharges the separated air through its vents. We have Rated 4.5/5 by 124 fulfilled clients.

Smog Tower

At the point when the brown haze tower gets accused up of couple of positive particles, it sends them into the air. The residue particles present noticeable all around then get connected to these ions. The counter electrode with the contrarily charged surface draws these positive particles in, alongside residue particles. These clusters of particulate issue get stored inside the pinnacle and afterward at long last discharge the separated air outside through its six sided vents.

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