Smog Tower System

Smog Tower


Another new invention took place in the world of technology in order to overcome the problem of air pollution and make the air breathable again. This new innovation is in the form of a tower which can be planted in the open fields or spaces and helps in eliminating the pollution upto the area of 1,600 m2 around it. This is known as Smog Tower which is equipped with environment friendly and patented positive ionization technology that cleans 30,000 m3 ambient air per hour with the least energy consumption of approx. 1400 watts.

This tower works in such a way that it helps in reducing approx. 94% of airborne particulate matter. It transforms the fine and ultrafine dust particles into coarse dust. This device is designed in the form of a tower in such a manner that like a vacuum, it sucks up the smog present in the atmosphere from the top and then releases the filtered air through its vents. We have Rated 4.5/5 by 124 satisfied customers

Smog Tower

When the smog tower gets charged up with few positive ions, it sends them into the air. The dust particles present in the air then get attached to these ions. The counter electrode with the negatively charged surface draws these positive ions in, along with dust particles. These clusters of particulate matter get stored within the tower and then finally release the filtered air outside through its six sided vents

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